kelly bork
kelly bork
Adventures and other little slices of joy

Hi there, I'm Kelly. I'm an outdoor enthusiast in the PNW. 

I'm interested in anything that gets me outdoors, experiencing fresh air and the restorative powers of wild places. Most of my exploring happens around Washington, weekend warrior style, but every now and then we get to bust out and go somewhere far from home.

Objects in motion stay in motion.

True about physical objects and people. My goal is to be moving as much as possible. Movement doesn’t have to mean working out, but it does mean seeing new things and keeping an eye out for fun.

Camera things

I've tried a number of cameras, but currently I’m rotating between my Nikon Df, my Sony a7, and my iPhone… depending on how quick I need to capture action. The Nikon takes my favorite photos, but doesn’t have any automatic modes, so it can take a while to get the light settings right. I keep the SLRs in a soft case in my pack, and in a dry bag when it's real rainy, but the iPhone is usually just stashed in a pocket (or a sports bra when my pockets are trapped against a rock wall!)