kelly bork
kelly bork
Adventures and other little slices of joy

Hi there, I'm Kelly. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and photographer in the PNW. 

I love backpacking, hiking, surfing, skiing, and sometimes climbing (though I'm pretty afraid of heights, so that one is tougher). I'm interested in anything that gets me outdoors, experiencing fresh air and the restorative powers of wild places. Most of my exploring happens around Washington, weekend warrior style, but every now and then we get to bust out and go somewhere far from home. I love the opportunity to see new cultures and landscapes... and after some time away, I always find myself more appreciative of this amazing place I call home.


Camera things

I've tried a number of cameras, but my favorite by far is my Nikon Df.  It's small-ish for a full frame DSLR, and the sensor quality is insaaane... I can shoot night scenes at 14,000 ISO without noticeable grain. I do keep it in a soft case when it's in my pack, and in a dry bag when it's real rainy, but I've been impressed with how well it's handled adventures.