kelly bork
kelly bork
Adventures and other little slices of joy

Hi there, I'm Kelly. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and photographer in the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm not much of a writer, so this is more of a photo journal than an actual journal (a picture is worth many words, righto?) but it's a great spot to save memories and share adventures.

I love backpacking, hiking, surfing, skiing, and sometimes climbing (though I'm pretty afraid of heights, so that one is tough). I'm interested in pretty much any activity that gets me outdoors, experiencing the fresh air and restorative powers of wild places.

Most of my exploring happens around the Pacific Northwest, within driving distance of Seattle, since that's most achievable with my weekend warrior lifestyle (work hard to play hard). Every now and then we get to bust out and go somewhere far from home. I love the opportunity to see new cultures and landscapes... and after some time away, I always find myself more appreciateive of this amazing place I call home.