Kelly Bork

Music Mix No. 5

Kelly Bork
Today's mix has quite a bit of background, an absolutely fascinating web of events if I do say so myself! For months, I've been admiring the work of Digital Kitchen from afar (even back in Ohio), and have been captivated by the fantastic track used in the Digital Kitchen reel. I started working on a mix revolving around that track a few weeks ago, but held onto it for no particular reason. It's a very random collection of songs, and I wasn't sure if it really flowed well. It got shelved, forgotten, and was destined for music mix obscurity. (dun, dun, dun...)
(jump to present day) Today I headed down to capitol hill to meet a friend for lunch at Skillet, yum! Parking was a little crazy, so I circled a bit and found an open spot a few streets away. I was walking along, just a block from the restaurant, when I stumbled upon... the Digital Kitchen headquarters!! Waahhh soo cool!!! Clearly, the time had come to share this wonderful track and mix.

1. Chinese Man // Washington Square
2. Bonobo // Kiara
3. Coldcut // True Skool
4. Sporto Kantes // Whistle
5. Gush // Dance On
6. ASM // Guaranteed

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