Kelly Bork

Squeaky Clean

Kelly Bork
One of the super exciting things about our recent move (other than living in an awesome new city) is that we have 2 bathrooms in our life now! What a step up from our last apartment; there's nothing more annoying than trying to coordinate 2 morning routines in one tiny space. To fully equip our new space, we've slowly been acquiring a second set of bathroom essentials: towels, soaps, a trashcan, etc. One of the last things on the list, and probably theee most exciting thing (not), is a toilet brush! Here are our current top contenders:

1. Room Essentials from Target: $6
cheap, simple, not much else goin on

2. Enudden from IKEA: $7
minimal and white, this guy will totally blend in with the wall

3. Sรคvern from IKEA: $18
a little classier stainless option, but slightly more expensive

4. Ballo from Normann Copenhagen: $70
clearly the expensive option, but hot dang it's pretty!!