Kelly Bork

Music Mix No. 6

Kelly Bork
The first song on this mix has been playing on the radio a bunch this past month, which I find extremely appropriate for our move to Seattle. It's become a bit of an anthem for me, and seems to come on at just the right time (driving from the airport the day we got here was the first time I heard it). As things are settling in a bit more, and the fist inklings of feeling at "home" are beginning, I wanted to make a collection of all the "home" songs I've liked in the past.

1. Phillip Phillips // Home
2. Scissor Sisters // Baby Come Home To Me
3. Barenaked Ladies // Go Home
4. John Mayer // Home Life
5. Michael Bublé // Home
6. Eddie Money // Take Me Home Tonight
7. Band of Horses // On My Way Back Home

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