Kelly Bork

Thoughts On Our Move

Kelly Bork
It sounds a little silly, but on our way back to Ohio I was nervous of what "going back" would be like. Lots of big questions raced through my mind... What if I decided that Ohio was better? What if I felt like we never should have moved? Would all the food be as good as I remembered? Would I feel so at home I wouldn't want to leave? The whole time we were in Ohio, I couldn't help but compare our time (representing our old life in Ohio) to our current life in Seattle. In typical Kelly fashion, I felt like making a list:

Good ice cream
Close to family

Interesting landscape (the sound, the mountains, the desert)
Ferry boat rides
Skiing (sorry Ohio, Snow Trails does not count as skiing)
More climbing (closer to outdoor walls / more spots to climb)
No humidity
No poison ivy
Less misquotes
Less pollen

Delicious sweet potato fries
Skillet (WA) vs. Skillet (OH)

It's pretty clear to me now (post-visit & post-list) that Seattle is the place for us. With all the opportunities for outdoor adventure, the huge amount of delicious food, and good jobs for the both of us, it's a pretty amazing place. We'll just have to make sure we try hard to make up for the few pro-ohio things we'll be missing out on (solution: ice cream machine & lots of vacation time with family).