Kelly Bork

To Ohio

Kelly Bork
With all the hustle and bustle surrounding our trip planning for Ecuador, I totally forgot how rapidly our trip to Ohio was approaching! We'll be heading back for a good friend's wedding, but also enjoying a bit of time with our favorite Ohio people, doing our favorite Ohio things, and eating our favorite Ohio foods. SOOOO EXCITED!! I want to jig around to this song all day.

Top spots to hit up in Columbus:

Second Chance Consignment: to score a super deal (or two!)
Tigertree: for a bit of trendy high street shopping
Graeters: to fulfill my chocolatey ice cream fix
Jenisto fulfill my every other flavor ice cream fix
Vino Vino: for the most decadent mushroom ravioli in the world
Commonwealth: to fill up on Cary's favorite meaty sandwiches, and catch some rays on the patio
Northstar: oh my goodness, chicken avocado sandwich
Kobo: to catch some Old Hundred, live!

Ok these are almost all food... but you know how we roll (literally, we're going to be rolling out of these places).