Kelly Bork

Summer Bucket List

Kelly Bork
Back in Columbus, Cary and I used to make a bucket list at the beginning of every season. I think we started doing it as a way to stave off boredom (whenever we felt like we had nothing to do, we would check out our bucket list and find something fun) but it turned into a neat little tradition that would get us excited for new activities every few months. Somehow in the multitude of changes and transitions in the past year, I totally forgot about bucket list making (until just now, when Martha Stewart magazine had a similar idea and happily jogged my memory). We certainly have no shortage of fun things to do where we live now (if anything there are just too many fun things to choose from!) but I think it would be really fun revive our little tradition.

Here are a few things I'd love to do this summer:
Host an outdoor movie screening in our back yard
Make tie-dyed shirts just for funsies
Go on a road trip
Visit the beaches on the coast
Have a farmers market feast (using only food from the market)
Eat a fancy dinner on Bainbridge Island
Go on a sunrise hike
Make homemade ice cream
Take a backpacking trip with friends